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Since long time ago webmasters have know web directory and use them to linking their webpages in order improve their search presence on search engine, there lots web directory on this world not just the Good one but the bad one that can hurt your ranking too. Many Free Directory List created by webmasters to help others and save the list for they own too, but not all web directory on the Free Directory List is good for you and that will pain in ass if you need to check on by one their Pagerank, Domain Authority, Alexa ranking and sort em again into your list.

Web Directory Submission

Web Directory Submission is a process of webpage inclusion to the web directory in order to get a link from it, web directory it self is a collection of webpage data and organized them into categories. Unlike search engine which displaying webpage list based keywords that users input instead web directory list them by categories and sub-categories, web directory specializes to linking other webpages and categorizing them.

Directory Submission to Increase PageRank (PR)

Pagerank (PR) the most important toolbar used by search engine and webmasters until now, even no update since last update PR Toolbar on 2013. As you know High Pagerank (PR) webpages mean is more trust from search engine it self and one common factor for Pagerank is link popularity.

Directory Submission to Improve your Domain Authority (DA)

Since 2010s DA has become an important factor used by webmasters to judge Good or Bad Webpages so the fact is when your webpages have Good Domain Authority then people will trust your webpages, and not a secret anymore Domain authority using link popularity to determined your DA value.

Directory Submission Improve your Alexa Ranking (AR)

Alexa ranking is toolbar collecting your webpages traffic behavior like Google Analytics (Private use) and store and analyze them and reporting it. Webmasters believe high Pagerank and Domain authority webpages will achieve higher ranking on search engine results and that mean more traffics (visitors) to your webpages.

Free Directory List and Sites List for Webmasters

On this Website we have created lot thing like Free Directory List, Social Bookmarking Sites, Local Directory List, Niche Directory List, SEO Tools, and more will coming in the future so stay tune. To perfect our Directory list and sites list we insert some function into it like Domain Authority (DA) value, Alexa ranking (AR), Pagerank (PR) which mean the Sites List will automatic updated every weeks.

In my opinion high quality and authoritative websites will have those 3 important metric, which Pagerank holds 40%, Domain Authority holds 40% and Alexa ranking holds 20%. This is beside of content, web loading speed, templates design, backlinks and much more. So in the right hand this Free Directory list and Sites List will be powerful than you can imagine.

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